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Saluda Hydro Project Factoid:

Only two bulldozers were used in the construction of the original dam, completed in 1930.


Draft Application for New License

Volume I - Draft Application

Cover Letter
Initial Statement
Exhibit A - Project Description
Exhibit B - Project Operations
Figures B-18 through B-29
Exhibit C - Construction History
Exhibit E - Environmental Report
Exhibit F - General Design Information (write-up only)
Exhibit H - Miscellaneous Filing Information

Exhibit E Appendices - Study Plans and Reports

Appendix E-1 - Water Quality
Final DO Summary Report
Lake Murray Water Quality Report
Temperature Regime Study Plan

Appendix E-2 - Aquatics
American Eel Survey Report (2005)
American Eel Survey Report (2006)
American Shad Telemetry Study Plan (2007)
Crayfish (Newberry Crayfish) Whitepaper (2007)
Crayfish Assessment (2005)
Diadromous Fish Sampling Summary Report (2005)
Diadromous Fish Study Plan (2005)
Diadromous Fish Summary Report (2006)
Fish Entrainment Desktop Study Plan (2006)
Fish Entrainment Mortality Report (2007)
Instream Flow Study Site Recon Notes (2006)
Macroinvertebrate Assessment Study Plan (2006)
Macroinvertebrate Assessment Summary Report (2006)
Mussel Reconnaissance Report (2006)
Mussel Reconnaissance Survey Study Plan (2006)
RT&E Assessment (Draft 2007)
RT&E Assessment - Appendix A
RT&E Assessment - Fig 1
Saluda Crayfish (Newberry Crayfish) Distribution Map (2007)
Shortnose Sturgeon Study Plan (2005)
Trout White Paper (2007)

Appendix E-3 - Wildlife
Lake Murray Wintering Waterfowl Survey Study Plan (2006)Lake Murray Wintering Waterfowl Survey Report (2006-2007)
SCDNR Memo on Wood Stork Nesting Colonies
Wood Stork Aerial Survey Report (2004)
Wood Stork Discussions - Final Meeting Minutes (2006-2-9)
Wood Stork Study Plan
Wood Stork Summary Report (2005)
Wood Stork Summary Report (2006)

Appendix E-4 - Botanical
National Wetlands Inventory 1
National Wetlands Inventory 2
National Wetlands Inventory 3
National Wetlands Inventory 4
National Wetlands Inventory 5
National Wetlands Inventory 6
FEMA Profile Graphs a
FEMA Profile Graphs b
FEMA Profile Graphs c
FEMA Profile Graphs d
FEMA Profile Graphs Congaree -Just below Saluda
Index - National Wetlands Inventory (2007)
Lake Murray Hydrilla Report (2005)
Lake Murray Hydrilla Survey (2006)
Lake Murray Primrose Survey (2005)
Lower Saluda River Aquatic Macrophytes (2004)
National Wetlands Inventory (2007)
National Wetlands Inventory Index Map (2007)
National Wetlands Inventory Sheet 1
National Wetlands Inventory Sheet 2
National Wetlands Inventory Sheet 3
National Wetlands Inventory Sheet 4
National Wetlands Inventory Sheet 5
National Wetlands Inventory Sheet 6
Rocky Shoals Spider Lily Survey Memo (2006)

Appendix E-5 - Cultural - Privileged

Appendix E-6 - Recreation
Boating Density Report (2007)
Boating Density Study Plan (2006)
Downstream Recreation Flow Assessment Study Plan(2006)
Final Safety RCG Work Plan (2006)
Recreation Assessment Study Plan (2006)
Recreation Assessment Study Report (2007)
Recreation Assessment Appendix A
Recreation Assessment Appendix B
Recreation Assessment Appendix C
Recreation Assessment Appendix D
Recreation Assessment Appendix E
Recreation RCG Working Documents (2007-9-7)
Response to Comments on the Boat Density Report (2007)
Response to comments on the Recreation Assessment (2007)

Appendix E-7 - Land Use and Aesthetics (currently no documents)

Volume II - Process and Correspondence Information

Email Correspondence
Emails Regarding Meeting Notes - Cultural
Emails Regarding Meeting Notes - Fish and Wildlife
Emails Regarding Meeting Notes - Lake and Land
Emails Regarding Meeting Notes - Operations
Emails Regarding Meeting Notes - Recreation
Emails Regarding Meeting Notes - Safety
Emails Regarding Meeting Notes - Water Quality
Emails Regarding Study Plans - Fish and Wildlife
Emails Regarding Study Plans - Lake and Land
Emails Regarding Study Plans - Operations
Emails Regarding Study Plans - Recreation
Emails Regarding Study Plans - Safety
Emails Regarding Study Plans - Water Quality
General Emails - Cultural Resources
General Emails - General
General Emails - Lake and Land
General Emails - Operations
General Emails - Recreation
General Emails - Safety
General Emails - Water Quality

Initial Consultation Document

Issue Identification Workshops

Joint Agency Meeting

Operating Procedures

Relicensing Meeting Notes
Meeting Notes - All Resource Groups Meeting
Meeting Notes - Cultural Resources
Meeting Notes - Fish and Wildlife
Meeting Notes - Lake and Land Management
Meeting Notes - Operations
Meeting Notes - Quarterly Public Meetings
Meeting Notes - Recreation
Meeting Notes - Safety
Meeting Notes - Water Quality

Relicensing Meeting Presentations
Meeting Presentations - Cultural Resources
Meeting Presentations - Fish and Wildlife
Meeting Presentations - Lake and Land Management
Meeting Presentations - Operations
Meeting Presentations - Operations Workshop - All RCG's
Meeting Presentations - Quarterly Public Meetings
Meeting Presentations - Recreation
Meeting Presentations - Safety
Meeting Presentations - Water Quality

Resource Groups Members List

Written Correspondence

Volume III -Stage I Cultural Resource Reconnaissance Survey - Privileged
(not available for general viewing)



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