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Saluda Hydro Project Factoid:

Only two bulldozers were used in the construction of the original dam, completed in 1930.


Process Milestones

Milestone Documents

Settlement Agreement

Settlement Agreement

Appendix A: Proposal Content of License Conditions

Appendix A1: Lower Saluda River Warning System Enhancement Plan

Appendix A2: Saluda Hydroelectric Project Recreation Plan

Appendix A3: Saluda Hydroelectric Project Lower Saluda River Benthic Macroinvertebrate Monitoring and Enhancement Program

Appendix A4: Saluda Hydroelectric Project Freshwater Mussel Enhancement Program

Appendix A5: Santee River Basin Accord for Diadromous Fish Protection, Restoration, and Enhancement

Appendix A6: Saluda Hydroelectric Project Sturgeon Protection and Adaptive Management Program

Appendix A7: Saluda Hydroelectric Project Trout Evaluation and Monitoring Program

Appendix A8: Lower Saluda River Fish Community Monitoring Program

Appendix A9: Saluda Hydroelectric Project RT&E Species Management Program

Appendix A10: Rare Plant & Animal Species of Interest Around Lake Murray and Lower Saluda River Brochure

Appendix A11: Saluda Hydroelectric Project Flow Release Program

Appendix A12: Saluda Hydroelectric Project Reservoir Drawdown Program

Appendix A13: Saluda Hydroelectric Project Maintenance, Emergency, and Low Inflow Protocol

Appendix A14: Saluda Hydroelectric Project Normal Reservoir Operating Guidelines

Appendix A15: Saluda Hydroelectric Project Shoreline Management Plan

Appendix A16: Lands Included in the SCDNR Wildlife Management Area Program to Enhance Waterfowl Habitat

Appendix A17: Saluda Hydroelectric Project Historic Properties Management Plan

Appendix B: Proposed Content of Off-License Agreements

Appendix B1: Saluda Hydroelectric Project Safety and Outreach Program

Appendix B2: Lake Murray Shoreline Management Handbook and Permitting Guidelines

Appendix B3: Lands Included in the SCDNR Wildlife Management Area Program

Appendix C: Signatories to the CRSA

Appendix D: Organization Descriptions


Final License Application (updated 9/5/08) Final License Application

Notice of Intent

South Carolina Electric & Gas Company (SCE&G) filed it's Notice of Intent to relicense the Saluda Hydro Project on April 29, 2005 (press release). Once a licensee has filed this Notice of Intent or NOI, the formal process of relicensing begins. Along with the NOI, the licensee must distribute an Initial Consultation Document (ICD) to state and federal resource agencies, affected tribes, and members of the public with an interest in the project. The ICD serves as the foundation for relicensing issue development, containing information about the relicensing process, project facilities, and baseline environmental data.

Notice of Intent to Relicense (1.51 MB)

Initial Consultation Document (11.2 MB)

Public Information File Public Information File

Relicensing Meeting Summaries Relicensing Meeting Summaries

Once the relicensing process begins, SCE&G will meet with stakeholders to address issues related to the operation of the Saluda Hydro Project. This page will provide links to summaries of those meetings, as well as a brief description of topics covered.

Public meetings, agency meetings, workshops, cultural resources, etc.

Public Comments Relicensing Meeting Summaries

A list of the major issues associated with relicensing the Saluda Hydro Project. A brief description of each issue is also included.

Draft Application for New License Relicensing Meeting Summaries

Issued December 13, 2007, the Draft Application allows a period of time for additional comments to be considered as the final license application is being prepared. In accordance with 18 C.F.R §16.8 (c)(5), formal comments specifically in reference to the Draft Application are due 90 days after issuance.  Thus, they should be received by March 14, 2008.




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