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Saluda Hydro Project Factoid:

Only two bulldozers were used in the construction of the original dam, completed in 1930.


Public Comments

Comments that have been offered by the stakeholders at this time in the relicensing process.

General Comments:

Study Requests and Comments on ICD:

American Rivers/Coastal Conservation League

American Whitewater

Columbia Fire & Rescue Service

City of Columbia Parks & Recreation

Concerned Citizen - RJ McClendon

Concerned Citizens - comments received via email submissions

South Carolina Department of Natural Resources

Lake Murray Association - Goals, Objectives and Mission Statement

Lake Murray Association - ICD Comment Letter

Lake Murray Homeowners Coalition

Lake Murray Watch

League of Women Voters

Lower Saluda Scenic River Advisory Council

Midlands Striper Club

National Marine Fisheries Service

National Park Service

Newberry County Government

River Runner Outdoor Center

South Carolina Department of Parks Recreation & Tourism

South Carolina Wildlife Federation

South Carolina Council Trout Unlimited

State Historic Preservation Office

USC Department of Biological Sciences

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Comments on Operating Procedures:

Lower Saluda Scenic River Advisory Council (1)

Lower Saluda Scenic River Advisory Council (2)

American Rivers/Coastal Conservation League & Lake Murray Association

Comments by William Cutler submitted by American Rivers/Costal Conservation League

Comment Letter Submitted by the League of Women Voters

Comment Letter submitted by South Carolina Wildlife Federation

Comment Letter Submitted by Lake Murray Homeowners Coalition

Cataloged Study Requests To Be Discussed In The Resource Conservation Groups:

RCG Cataloged Study Requests

Comments on Draft License Application:






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